Polesine is a historical and geographical region of Italy. Its identification has changed over the centuries. Nowadays, Polesine is identified as the province of Rovigo. Geographically, it’s the area between the final portion of the Adige and Po rivers and the Adriatic Sea.


The Polesine territory is a long and narrow portion of land enclosed between the imposing Po and Adige rivers. On the east, it ends with the Po’s delta estuary. The area is crisscrossed by many rivers, and their old riverbeds. Their winding course, their intersections, and their riverbanks shape the land. Most of the “historic” roads are on the riverbanks and follow their winding course. The roads are higher up than the surrounding countryside.


In addition to changes to the rivers caused by man and by floods, the area is constantly expanding eastward. This expansion is caused by sediments carried by the rivers to the Adriatic Sea. They form deposits on the low sea bed.



Polesine is characterized by its completely flat landscape. It’s primarily agricultural, and the abundance of rivers has allowed species that depend on water to thrive. Along rivers and canals, the rich plant life shelters many bird species.


Many floodplains surround the Po River. They vary in size and in whether the natural landscape has been protected or changed by man. There also are some springs in Polesine. These natural wetlands are depressions in the ground filled by a water spring. These pools contribute to the abundance of local fauna.


The Po delta offers unique landscapes with its lagoons, valleys, oases, sandbars and pinewoods. The natural preserves of the delta offer a luxuriant nature with many species of birds. Both sedentary and migratory birds find this place to be ideal nesting and rest.


The land’s fertility has allowed agriculture to develop constantly. In addition to the usual crops, superior products have emerged. These are: the white Polesine garlic (D.O.P); the Lusia lettuce (I.G.P); the Chioggia radicchio (I.G.P); the Po Delta Rice (I.G.P). The delta also has a fishing industries. The seafood hatcheries are known for the Scardovari Mussel (D.O.P).