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  • Archpriest Church of St. George

The Carousel and Popular Entertainment Museum of Bergantino is one of its kind in Italy.

Churches and places of worship


chiesacampanileArchpriest Church of St. George
Originally built in 1507, the church was remodeled in renaissance style in 1673. Its architecture features three naves flanked by a 1731 bellower designed by Vincenzo Santini. Inside it are remarkable paintings, such as “Jesus carrying the cross and two angels” by Lorenzo Costa the Elder (Ferrara 1460 – Mantua, March 5th 1535), one of the most important painters of the Ferrara school. Another is the “Altarpeice of the Holy Family”, attributed to the Bolognese painter Giuseppe Maria Crespi (Bologna March 14th 1665 – 16th July 1747).  (Piazza Matteotti – Bergantino)


Places of interest


Diani Palace 
The Diani Palace, also known as Diani Castle because of its origins, is on the northern side of the plaza. Its distinguishing feature is a central turret built in the 16th century by Giovanni Romei, who was nominated count of Bergantino by the Este family. It was built over the ruins of a fort destroyed by the Venetians in 1482, during the Salt War. In 1841 the owner, Carlo Diani, had the drawbridge removed and the moat filled.  (Piazza Matteotti 96 – Bergantino)



Strozzi Palace
It’s located on the south side of the square. It has an elegant portal flanked by a low porch, and it originates from a renovated and expanded seventeenth-century hunting lodge.  (Piazza Matteotti 85 – Bergantino)



museogiostraThe Carousel and Popular Entertainment Museum
The Carousel and Popular Entertainment Museum in the Strozzi Palace is the only one of its kind in Italy. It was born in 1999 thanks to the Rovigo municipality and province. It’s entirely dedicated to itinerant folk shows, from county fairs to rides and carousels in modern funfairs.
The museum was born as a center for research and documentation of folk shows, as an expression of town square culture. It’s a unique institution in Italy, as it collects documents and testimonies regarding ancient fairs and funfairs, and their evolution, amusement parks.

Piazza Matteotti 85 – Bergantino
Tel. 0425 805446
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Monday to Friday 9:00 -12: 00
Afternoon, Saturday and Sunday by appointment

Ticket pricing

€ 3.00 – Full price
€ 1.50 – Reduced price (ages 6 – 18 and over 65, groups with at least 20 visitors, CTG members, TCI associates).
Free – Children under six, people with disabilities and accompanying escort, accompanying residents, journalists with card, soldiers in uniform, TCI Junior associates (under age 12), group leaders, teachers leading a group, Bergantino schools.

Guided Tours – Groups of max. 25 people – € 60.00
Schools – Guided tour for max. 25 pupils – € 35.00
Individual – Add 3€ to ticket cost
Small groups (max 6 people) – Add 3€ to ticket cost

> Visit the museum’s website (IT-EN-DE-ES)




The origin of Bergantino’s name is shrouded in stories and legends. A possible origin is the “brigantinum”, a small ship described by Pliny the Elder, used by the Ostigliese to travel rivers. Another is the Celtic tribe known as “Brigantii” that lived near the lake of Costanza and later moved into this area. Bergantino has a long history that began with a prehistoric settlement of stilt houses in a swamp. Roman rule followed, succeeded in 1132 by a 627 year long Este dominion. In 1776, with the Napoleonic conquest, Bergantino and Ferrara entered the Cispadane Republic. This did not last long as the Austrians took over after the French. All the republic’s territories were annexed to the Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia in 1805. In 1866, Bergantino joined the kingdom of Italy. In the late twenties, some Bergantino families took up travelling showmanship, as the local agriculture was undergoing a time of depression. T the rides industry developed into what is now a completely productive environment, fully complying with the demands of the sector.


Useful information

Pro Loco Bergantino
Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 107
Tel. 0425 805436 – Fax 0425 805436


St. George’s fair
From April 22nd to the 25th – Town square, sports centers
Funfair, food events, sports competitions.

Mutual aid fair
2nd week of September – Town square, sports centers
Funfair, food and wine events, sports competitions.

May of Theatre
Last weekend in May – Town Square
Theater shows – musicals.

Salami Festival
2nd week of June – Parish Field
Culinary festival based on salami, competition for best salami, orchestras.

Pasta Meal
Selection of both local and non-local main courses, with wine pairing and dancing at the end of the evening.